what that looks like

I stay away from over-posed, over-edited images but focus on what makes you both who you are and who you are together

The process of having your photographs taken, especially on one of the most important days of your life, can be a stressful experience. My main concern is creating a comfortable and safe space to capture these intimate moments, and to allow you and your partner to get lost in each other and fully soak up the moments you are experiencing together for the first time

my method

Revolves around letting candid photos flow from conversation and an easy-going space where you can be fully focused on your partner

Simply put, I let moments happen naturally and don't force them to capture the real expressions and micro-expressions of love happening in front of me

Most of the couples I've photographed have said midway through the portraits that they forgot they were having their photo taken and that is exactly the space I work to create to capture real feelings and real people

The portraits

Throughout the time we set aside for you and your partner, I will capture images that are documentary in nature, but also will capture beautiful, classically influenced portraits

These involve a small amount of directing, but still stay far away from over-used poses. I will create a scene that highlights you and your partner proudly promising yourselves to each other. It's a powerful decision so there will should be powerful images to show that

The FAQs

Why should we book you

Trust is everything with booking a photographer. Trust is so vital, that's why picking someone with a creative eye and years of experience is really important

For over ten years I have been trusted by hundreds of couples to capture one of their most important days of their lives. After the wedding day is over, what you are left with will be memories and photographs. I recognize the value those photographs will hold and that makes me feel proud of the work I do and the moments I capture

Because of my years of experience, you can confidently book me knowing your photographer will capture everything with excellence and be a fun, easy-going person to be around

Where are you located?

My wife and two dogs and I live in Kansas City, MO. I love being a KC wedding photographer, but I mostly travel for weddings and assignments

How do we book you?

Booking is simple. Just shoot me an email inquiring about your specific date and from there the process is easy. You solidify your date with a retainer, and I send a contract and then we are good to go

Do you Travel?

Yes I do. In fact, I prefer it. So much inspiration can be gleaned from the process of traveling and seeing new spaces

Whats your turn around time?

I believe strongly in timely delivering. The whole wedding essay can be expected within a month. As a bonus I deliver a handful of preview images usually with in the following days to hold you over till the full set is done

How do we get our photos?

I deliver everything using a personalized online gallery. I send a link which you can use to download the full resolution images, but also share with family and friends, and even order prints all from the same place

How many photos do we get?

The photo count can vary greatly depending on the time booked or even the planned events. In the past, I've delivered 350 images for smaller event, but also 1,000 images for longer wedding. I choose what I am proud of and what I feel expresses the day

How far out do you book?

The shortest I prefer to book a couple is 1 month out and the farthest out is 1 year and half depending on my availability

Do you retouch photos?

I typically don't do any intensive retouching as I feel that can cheapen the experience of being brought back to a place and time from a photograph. That being said, I do remove things that distract from the image

Should we do an engagement session?

I think the engagement session is so important because we get to meet and get to know each other better which means so much to the creative process. I can travel wherever for the engagement session so let's go somewhere wild